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Swiss screw machining services

Eliminate costly secondary operations.
L20 Vll Swiss CNC Screw Machines 3MM to 20MM (.118 in. to .787 in.)

L20 Vlll Swiss CNC Screw Machines 3MM to 20MM (.118 in. to .787 in.). With Thread Whirling Package. Thread sizes from 3MM (.118 in). to 12MM (.050 in.)

L25 Swiss CNC Screw Machines 3MM to 25.4 MM (.118 in. to 1.00 in.)

B12 Swiss CNC Screw Machines 1 1/2MM to 12MM (.040in. to .500in.)

Tolerances on L20's and B12's + or - .0002
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24800 ULYSSES CT. N. E.
ISANTI, MN 55040

PHONE 763-444-4698 TOLL FREE 888-562-7467 FAX 763-444-4699

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Swiss screw machining services. Result oriented purchasing agents and engineers who need small custom parts made; look at the big things vendors do to ensure they are made right, delivered on time, at the lowest possible price. That's why they ask important questions and get the right answers from Erickson Automatics.

1. How fast can the vendor deliver without sacrificing quality?

Erickson Automatics utilizes computerized scheduling and tracking for our Swiss screw machining services. We are committed to meeting your delivery schedule on time, every time. We are determined to help you get to the marketplace on schedule.

Our company has the available capacity to supply your need for Swiss screw machining services. Our in-house responsive customer service is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.

We have provided Swiss screw machining services to customers located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and overseas. Our centralized location in the Twin City area is ideal for minimizing shipping distances and obtaining virtually any special secondary service such as plating and heat treating.

We set high standards and stick with internal procedures that allow us to meet our customers' expectations.

You can expect our Swiss screw machining services estimates normally within 24 to 48 hours, assuming there is no difficulty with obtaining material costs.

2. Are they equipped to produce the job at the best price?

Tooling is supplied at no charge to you. Back up tooling is on hand (no lost time).

The flexibility of the tooling and the increase to 1.33 HP of the live tool motor on our newly acquired L20 Vlll machines, allows us to make even more complicated parts and to do even heavier machining. The larger and heavier axis (7 axis) slides combined with the improved live tool clamping system has increased the machine's total rigidity.

Complex, multi-operation parts in one operation with tolerances as tight as + or - .0002. are made simple by the 23 tools (Live Tooling) and C Axis of our Swiss screw machines. Including Threading, Milling, Contouring, Slotting, and Cross Work. Cross work includes Reaming, Off Center Drilling, Drilling and Tapping. End work includes Boring, Drilling, Milling, Tapping, and Reaming.

Our Swiss screw machining abilities have also been increased with the addition of Whirling Attachments. We are able to produce parts with high helix buttress thread forming as well as those with large root diameter and head diameter differences and long length to diameter ratios. Thread sizes from 3MM to 12MM (.118 in. to .50 in.) Bone screws and other complex threaded dental and medical implants are examples.

The Swiss screw machining abilities of the L20 machines can handle most any application with ease

Our experienced people are knowledgeable and skilled in utilizing the best methods for producing quality parts quickly.

You will find a modern facility and well maintained equipment at Erickson Automatics. Our 23,500 square foot facility along with the Swiss screw machines, features high speed multi-spindle screw machines to 1 3/4 inch diameter, most are equipped with pickoff and back finish attachments to save time and cost. These machines can produce finished parts as fast as four-and-one-half seconds per part. Click here to view part samples.

To complete our full service machine shop we maintain:

D4 Escomatics from .030 inches to .156 inch diameter.

Brown & Sharpe's to 1 5/8 inch diameter.

A full compliment of inspection equipment, as well as secondary operations equipment.

3. What kind of track record have they established with their customers?

Erickson Automatics is a proven leader in Swiss screw machining services that you can count on to provide you with the latest technology in precision machining.

On time/fast delivery of Swiss screw machine parts, with absolute repeatability, has earned us the reputation of being a reliable source.

Our quality systems are in line with ISO 9001, and include an ongoing quality improvement plan and complete written documentation. We put the responsibility for the quality control of our Swiss screw machining services in the hands of highly skilled machine operators who take pride in doing the best possible job. First piece inspection is mandatory. Complete inspections are made every twenty minutes. SPC charts can be supplied with shipments, if requested.

We produce what customers want, on schedule and to the most exacting standards. We are continually looking for new ways to meet the challenges of your requirements for Swiss screw machining services. Erickson has earned the reputation for consistently high quality and service at the best price. This performance is the basis for many long term customer associates.

4. How much of the total job can they do?

Our goal is to find solutions for your "tough" high tech Swiss screw machining components.

Your tougher materials should not be an issue with us. We cut most types of metals and plastics, including steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, titanium and other exotic materials. Click here for materials list.

Secondary operations such as heat treating and plating can be arranged when required.

Erickson Automatics is a family owned business that has been producing quality Swiss screw machined parts for over 20 years. We are today's answer to the increasing demands of the machining industry in the 21st century.

Short, medium or long run Swiss screw machining services. Whether you need one or one million pieces, we have the equipment to produce it efficiently and economically.

5. Are they really concerned about my requirements and problems?

Just-in time or custom inventory programs are available for your Swiss screw machining requirements.

One of the major ingredients of a successful company is customer service. Our experienced in-house personnel are experts in Swiss screw machining production and are willing to go above and beyond the normal to serve you. Our sales representative, Duane Jaworski, is knowledgeable in all phases of manufacturing. He can be reached at 612-799-1780 (cell), 877-562-5070 (office) or 877-280-2087 (fax).

We are a person to person Swiss screw machining services business, we are not a bureaucracy. When you have questions or want to discuss changes, Erickson Automatic's hands-on-owner-operators are always available and will get you accurate answers. Whether you deal directly with our office or an Erickson representative, be assured of getting professional, straightforward advice and the best possible result.

Other companies talk about quality, integrity and on-time service. At Erickson Automatics, we set lofty standards and adhere to internal procedures that ensure our customers' expectations are met or exceeded. Answers to you questions, estimates and follow-through on projects are handled with a real sense of urgency.

Join the growing list of satisfied customers worldwide who have found Swiss screw machining solutions at Erickson Automatics Inc.

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