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Screw Machine Products

L25 Swiss CNC Screw Machines 3MM to 25.4 MM (.118 in. to 1.00 in.)

B12 Swiss CNC Screw Machines 1 1/2MM to 12MM (.040in. to .500in.)

6-Spindle Acme Gridley Automatic Screw Machines to 1 3/4 inch diameter , with pickoff and back finish to complete parts in one operation. Tolerances + or - .002.

L20 Vll Swiss CNC Screw Machines 3MM to 20MM (.118 in. to .787 in.)

L20 Vlll Swiss CNC Screw Machines 3MM to 20MM (.118 in. to .787 in.). With Thread Whirling Package. Thread sizes from 3MM (.118 in). to 12MM (.050 in.)

Tolerances on L20's and B12's + or - .0002

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ISANTI, MN 55040
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Other companies talk about quality, integrity and on-time service for their screw machine products. At Erickson Automatics, we set high standards and adhere to internal procedures that ensure our customers' expectations are met or exceeded.

Answers to your questions, estimates and follow-through on projects are handled with a real sense of urgency. Most estimates are completed within 24 to 48 hours.

We have provided screw machine products to customers located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and overseas.

Our centralized location in the Twin City area is ideal for minimizing shipping distances and obtaining virtually any special secondary service such as plating and heat treating.

Our quality systems are in line with ISO 9001, and include an ongoing quality improvement plan. We put the responsibility for quality control in the hands of highly skilled machine operators who take pride in doing the best possible job. First piece inspection is mandatory. Complete inspections are made every twenty minutes. SPC charts can be supplied with shipments, if requested.

Erickson Automatics utilizes computer scheduling and tracking. We are committed to meeting your delivery schedule on time, every time. We are determined to help you get to the marketplace on schedule.

Modern facility and equipment. Our 23,500 square foot facility features 29 high speed, well-maintained multi-spindle screw machines, most are equipped with pickoff and back finish attachments to save time and cost.

Our machines can produce finished parts as fast as four-and-one-half seconds per part.

23 tools (Live Tooling) with C Axis to complete complex, multi-operation parts in one operation. Tolerances as tight as + or - .0002. Contouring, Threading, Milling, Slotting, and Cross Work. Cross work includes Drilling, Off Center Drilling, Tapping, and Reaming. End Work includes Milling, Drilling, Tapping, Reaming and Boring. Such parts include bone screws and other medical and dental implants.

Capabilities include parts with large root diameter and head diameter differences, parts with long length to diameter ratios, and parts with high helix buttress thread forming.

Our experienced people are knowledgeable and skilled in utilizing the best methods for producing quality screw machine products quickly.

Erickson is dedicated to providing our customers with a team member that will benefit their bottom line. We are in business to find solutions to meet our customers' need for long or short run screw machine products, with the shortest possible deliveries.

Fax us a print to quote!! Or call us today, whether you would like to discuss a specific project or simply to find out more about us.

We machine most types of materials, steel, stainless, aluminum, brass, titanium and many plastics.

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At Erickson Automatics, we take pride in producing quality screw machine products. screw example parts

Join the growing list of satisfied customers worldwide who have found precision screw machine product solutions at Erickson Automatics Inc.

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