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Medical Machining - High-Tech Precision Machined Components - Medical Implants - Dental Implants- Various Bone Screws (orthopedic bone screws, cranial bone screws and cortex bone screws).

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Why Erickson Automatics is Precisely the Right Choice for your medical machining and bone screw requirements.

21st Century Technology - Erickson is a proven leader you can count on to provide you with the latest technology in precision medical machined parts. To meet increasing demand for our services, we are continually adding equipment and personnel.

Our expertise in Swiss programming and tooling gives us unlimited capabilities in manufacturing complicated medical machined parts. For example, by adding the whirling attachment, the cycle time to produce a typical bone screw is cut in half.

We are in business to find solutions for your "tough" high-tech medical machined components and bone screws.

Unlike many medical machining companies, in most cases, Erickson provides tooling without an added cost to your company. Additional tools are always available to assure that there is no delay in production from tool problems.

We have the capacity to supply your need for precision medical machined custom components.

Our quality systems are in line with ISO 9001, are documented in writing, and approved by our medical machining customers.

Erickson Automatics Inc. is a family owned business that has been producing quality machined parts since 1984.

Advanced Swiss 7 Axis Machining

Your Partner in Lean Manufacturing - custom-tailored inventory schedules are available.

Computerized scheduling and tracking systems allow us to track your parts and pinpoint when they will ship.


Short or Long Run Production

We can produce medical machined parts out of most types of metals and plastics.

Our Cincom (Citizen Numerically Controlled) machines are highly precise and highly versatile. One chucking, one-pass manufacturing, with no secondary operations for bone screws and other medical parts.

The Cincom L20 VIII machine with thread whirling, eliminates the problems associated with the making of bone screws, such as long cycle times due to the number of machining passes required and the risk of bowing or deflection due to the length of the part.

Sizes range from 3MM (.118 in) to 20MM (.787 in) in diameter. Thread sizes from 3MM to 12MM (.118 in. to .50 in.)
Length can be as long as 7 inches.

These machines are suitable for:
Titanium or 316L stainless
Long length to diameter ratios
High helix buttress thread forming
Large root diameter / head diameter differences
A variety of different threads for bone screws, cranial bone screws, cortex bone screws, orthopedic bone screws, maxillofacial bone screws and other medical, dental implants.