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24800 ULYSSES CT. N. E.
ISANTI, MN 55040
PHONE 763-444-4698 TOLL FREE 888-562-7467 FAX 763-444-4699

Machining services from Erickson Automatics. Screw machining, CNC machining, Swiss machining, and Escomatic machining services. The best source for all your small part needs.

As a family business, pride of ownership has set Erickson apart.

Examples of parts we have made include:

captive panel screws and retainers
self clinching hardware ( including thru-hole threaded standoffs, thru-hole unthreaded standoffs and blind threaded standoffs, both metric and unified sizes)
custom precision machined electronic hardware
custom standoffs (round, hex or square)
panel fasteners
self-clinching spacing or hanging standoffs, etc.
parts as long as 144 inches
complex medical parts
custom screws

If you have short, medium or long run machining production, we have complete manufacturing facilities for all phases of high speed machined products.

Tooling is supplied at no charge to you. Back up tooling is on hand to assure that their is no down time due to broken tooling.

Our equipment includes:

CNC Turning Centers with 4 Axis, to 1 1/16 diameter, live tooling.
L20 CNC Swiss Turning Centers 3MM to 20MM (.118in. to .787in), complex parts complete in one operation.
B12 CNC Swiss Turning Centers 1 1/2MM to 12MM (.040in. to .500in), complex parts complete in one operation.
6- Spindle Acme Gridley Automatic Screw Machines to 5/8 inch diameter.
Brown & Sharpe's to 1 5/8 inch diameter.
D4 Escomatic 1MM to 6MM (.030in. to .156in).

We also have secondary operations equipment and complete inspection equipment.

On time/fast delivery, precision parts that meet your quality standards and absolute repeatability, has earned us a reputation as a reliable source.

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