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bone screws, orthopedic bone screws, cranial bone screws, cortex bone screws, medical and dental implants etc

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Bone screws, orthopedic bone screws, cranial bone screws and cortex bone screws can be made using our high speed, one-step manufacturing process.

Sizes range from 3MM (.118 in) to 20MM (.787 in) in diameter. Thread sizes from 3MM to 12MM (.118 in. to .50 in.)
Length can be as long as 7 inches.

Our Cincom (Citizen Numerically Controlled Machines) machines are highly precise and highly versatile. One chucking, one-pass manufacturing, with no secondary operations for bone screws.

Titanium or 316L stainless
Long length to diameter ratios
High helix buttress thread forming
Large root diameter / head diameter differences
A variety of different threads for bone screws, cranial bone screws, cortex bone screws, orthopedic bone screws, maxillofacial bone screws and other medical, dental implants.

The Cincom L20 VIII machine with thread whirling, eliminates the problems associated with the making of bone screws, such as long cycle times due to the number of machining passes required and the risk of bowing or deflection due to the length of the part.
Samples of other types of screws made by the L20 VIII machine.
bone srews example screws

Samples of other types of parts made by the L20 Vll and Vlll machines.
bone screws examples

On time/fast delivery, precision parts and absolute repeatability, has earned us a reputation as a reliable source for bone screws and other medical and dental threaded implants.

Quality systems in line with ISO 9001, with complete written documentation approved by our medical customers.

Enhancements to the Cincom L20 VIII (for those interested in Description: Sliding Headstock CNC Automatic Lathe. On a sliding headstock machine, all operations are performed within an eighth of an inch from the machine's guide bushing. With the distance between pressure on the workpiece is minimized, eliminating the risk of bowing and deflection during the production of bone screws.

More live tool power: the live tool motor on the gang plate has been upgraded from 0.75kw (1hp) to 1.0kw (1.33hp). this enables heavier machining for the tuff materials used for bone screws (titanium and 316l)

More Tools and flexibility on gang tool post: By utilizing the triple cross live tool spindle, the total number of cross live tools on the gang slide can be increased to 7. By simply rotating the triple cross live tool spindle 90 degrees, 4 cross-live tools and 3 front face live tools are possible. By utilizing the double end face live tool spindle, 4 cross live tools and 3 front and 3 back face live tools are possible.

Higher machine rigidity: Larger and heavier axis slides combined with improved live tool clamping system have increased the machine's total rigidity.
More tooling flexibility: It is also possible to replace a cross live tool spindle with a double or triple stationary I.D. tool holder. Also the live cross spindles on T6 and T7 can be switched to turning tools by replacing them with optional turning tool adapters.