Automatic Screw Machine Operations

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Erickson Automatics' automatic screw machines are multi-spindle screw machines. (Six Spindles)

Each of the spindles (stations) holds a bar of material that is being machined at the same time. The mechanism (cage) that holds the six bars of material moves ahead (indexes), when the specified machining operation is done.

Each station can have several tools that cut the material at the same time in succession.

As a bar of material is fed forward through the spindle, the face of the bar is machined (facing operation, the outside of the bar is machined (turning operation), the bar is drilled (boring operation) and finally, the part is cut off (parting operation).

For the machining of complex shapes, a Form Tool is used. A form tool has the form of the final part but in reverse, so it cuts the material into the correct part configuration.

Threading is often done on a screw machine, however, a screw machine can make things that are not screws and are not threaded. Threading is performed with a die head (tap)- a device that cuts the thread then opens and withdraws rapidly. Our machines also have tap shut offs to assure that every part has a thread. If the tap breaks the machine shuts down.

The screw machines at Erickson Automatics are equipped with pickoff, back finishing and milling attachments to complete parts in one operation.

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