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Automatic Screw Machine Custom Parts

Acme Gridley Automatic Screw Machining to 1 1/4 inch diameter. Tolerance + or - .002.

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Erickson Automatics, your first choice for automatic screw machine custom parts.

Consistent on time delivery.

Company wide commitment to superior quality. In line with ISO 9000. (see Quality)

Quotes submitted within 24 to 48 hours.

Many long term satisfied customers. (see additional Customer Comments)

23,500 square feet of production space.

42 modern, high speed, well maintained automatic screw machines (parts as fast as 4 1/2 seconds each). (see Equipment List)

Pickoff and Back Finish attachments.(helps reduce run time and costs)

Each automatic screw machine has automatic bar loaders.

Secondary operations include milling (slots and flats), drilling, broaching and threading.

Our automatic screw machine shop has been in business since 1984.

Custom inventory programs are available for your automatic screw machine parts.

Automatic screw machine production sizes:

Your requirements are our guide.
Typical quantities range from 1000 pieces to 100,000 pieces.
Experienced in handling orders as large as 5,000,000 pieces on a blanket order.

Tooling for our automatic screw machines is typically supplied without additional charge, with backup tooling on hand.

Reliable, quality outside operations available:

Heat treating.
Plating. Cleaning. Passivation.

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24800 ULYSSES CT. N. E.
ISANTI, MN 55040

P. O. BOX 216, CEDAR, MN 55011
PHONE 763-444-4698 TOLL FREE 888-562-7467
FAX 763-444-4699

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