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Precision machined parts from .040" to 1 1/4" diameter. Complex parts complete in one operation.

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Concurrent machining functions (front, back, outside diameters and drilling.) C Axis and Live Tooling with up to 13 Axis.

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Quality custom screw machining at competitive prices.
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Custom inventory programs are available for your automatic screw machine and Swiss screw machine parts.

With more than 60 machines, we have the capacity available to meet your requirements for production machining, short, medium or long run; with the shortest possible lead times.

Erickson produces the finest state-of-the-art machined components. Our excellent quality features tight tolerances, fine micro-finishes and clean, burr free parts. We have the reputation as specialists in the automatic screw machine / Swiss screw machine field. As a result, you will find the latest technology available in production machining in our shop.

Please accept our invitation to tour our facility, meet our staff and see our operation first hand. You will see why we supply automatic screw machine products and Swiss screw machine products to a wide variety of quality conscious industries and why many of our customers have been with us for 20+ years. Please call us today to schedule a tour or use the form to the left. Enlarged aerial view of Erickson Automatics

At Erickson Automatics you will receive personal attention, with prompt answers to your questions.

Fax us a print to quote. Or call us today, whether you would like to discuss a specific project or simply to find out more about us. We'd like to know about your needs and prove how, as a member of your team, Erickson Automatics will benefit your bottom line.

24800 ULYSSES CT. N. E.
ISANTI, MN 55040
P. O. BOX 216, CEDAR, MN 55011

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